Restaurants and Hospitality

Owning and Running a Restaurant can be stressful and very busy, that’s why we are here to make sure you have peace of mind knowing that your business is protected from the many exposures that arise!

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If you serve any kind of food, drink or alcohol you will likely need food liability insurance. The food and beverage business comes with great risks. It is important to protect your restaurant with the right kind of coverage. We believe in small businesses and get to know restaurant owners so we can understand your unique needs and ensure you’re covered.

Cubs and Hospitality

There is a multitude of exposures driven from Food and Alcohol sales along with premises liability and physical stock, Not to mention employee injuries from cut and burns and if you Sell Liquor, don’t forget Liquor liability. For certain clubs and hospitality operations you have an even broader array of services such as residency for Hotels and golf carts for golf courses.

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